Molten Metal Protective Clothing

Working in metallurgy industry, such as steel mills or smelters, operators are often exposed to high level of radiant heat but also to, potentially lethal hot molten metal splashes (molten steel, molten aluminium…). To have a better picture : molten iron temperature is close to 1600°C, which is hotter than even the lava coming straight out of a volcano.

Firegate Technology  is a line-up especially designed for industrial heat protections. It provides a comprehensive range of Protective Clothing offering the best protection against radiant heat, convective heat and accidental molten metal splashes, while remaining comfortable and light weight. our fProtective Clothing provide higher resistance to peak temperatures (ISO 11612, D2 & E3 levels) while remaining light and supple.

If safety is our permanent concern, we believe that comfort should not be overlooked, since an adequate PPE is the key to increase working efficiency.

Firegate Technology offers the industry process insight to help select the safety clothing to meet a company’s requirements while consolidating its vendor base.

Firegate technology  uses high-quality materials and modern manufacturing processes to provide reliable safety clothing for operators that employers can trust. Firegate technology safety clothing is manufactured to stringent quality standards from premium fabrics, and meet international standards for heat and/or flame and electrical resistance.


The fire proximity suit consists of a one-piece coverall, or pant and shirt; a hood with visor and built-in helmet; a pair of five-finger gloves and a pair of customized protective boots. We are manufacturing complete kit of Aluminized 2layers to 9 layers fire entry suit as per EN satndards.

Aluminized Aramid Spat

Aluminized spats are designed to customer requirements and provide excellents protection against heat and molten metal splash

Casting Jacket

These casting jackets designed for additional protection over standard work wear at cast start and termination. the colour conforms to the high-visibility requirement of AS/NZS 1906 and other international visibility standards.To improve night time visibility, 10.2 * 10.2 cm, high-visibility materials and two reflective flashes are sewn onto the shoulders.

Furnace Reflective Jacket

These reflective casthing jackets are used as additional protection over standard work wear while doing furnace work or during operation where there is radiant heat. The fabric also provides protection against molten metal aplash

Molten Metal Resistant Clothing

Used as secondary protection, this clothing allows for wearer comfort and durability while providing metal shedding and flame resistance. Machine washable, the fabric also protects from radiant and convective heat, flame and electric arc hazards. It offers protection from most molten metals including aluminium,cryolite,iron,copper,magnesium and nickel.

Aluminized Hand Gloves

Designed for heavy-duty, high-temperature tasks, Aluminized gloves provide excellent protection from applied heat and occasional metal splash Size:12" to 22".

Aramid Hand Gloves

Aramid hand gloves provide protection from radiant heat and occasional metal splash while retaining some user tactile properties. These gloves have extra reinforcement on the seams for durability. Size:12" to 22"

Boiler Suit

Boiler Suitis made for general protective use in high-temperature environments,boiler suits are manufactured in two main types; heat resistant and heat and electric arc resistant.

Arc flash protection coveralls

Manufacturing ATPV rating of 4 to 27 Cal/cm2

Meets current ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E standards.